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Transportation and vehicle technology has made significant strides over the past few decades. New vehicle designs have been created for energy efficiency and to reduce the amount of pollution emitted into the environment. These new designs use alternative forms of energy like electricity and renewable fuels like biodiesel fuel. Drivers who wish to reduce their impact on the environment can explore the various options in transportation technology to find a vehicle that fits their needs. After purchasing, it's also possible to find discount auto parts and cheap car parts online to maintain these vehicles.

Regardless of the type of vehicle owned, it's possible to take steps to conserve energy and improve gas mileage. Car maintenance is an important part of conserving energy. Vehicles need regular tune-ups and service to keep them running efficiently. Car manufacturers provide recommendations about the frequency of maintenance to ensure that owners keep vehicles running smoothly. Even details like tire inflation can have a significant impact on gas mileage. It's possible to improve gas mileage by over 3 percent just by keeping tires inflated at the pressure recommended by the car manufacturer. Choosing the correct grade of motor oil is another important detail for energy conservation. Gasoline-powered vehicles can experience better performance with fresh air filters.

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